Buy Casino Clothing Using Money in GTA Online

In GTA Online The Diamond Casino & Resort, you have the possibility to buy clothes with money and not using chips. Please note that this is a glitch and it may be fixed during the next few days.

To execute this trick, you must head to the casino main entrance area and give a call to Simeon to get a job. But you have to request an activity and leave the mobile phone on with the list of requested activities. But don't accept it or cancel it yet. Now walk toward the elevator. Once you are in front of the elevator you have to press the "start" or "options" button and as soon as you have released this button you accept the activity of Simeon. Now press "X" a few times until you accept the Simeon’s activity and the elevator opens. Then you enter the elevator, but at the same time the Simeon’s mission will be overprinted on the screen. Well, when the activity has a black background, we abandon it.

Now the game will freeze and your character will appear flying over the map. Simply get a vehicle, and enter any Suburban store where you will see that you can access the skins and clothing of the casino without using chips, and you can only get them with money that you’ll supposedly have enough.

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