Dragon Quest Builders 2 Tips And Strategy Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 (DQB2) is an action RPG, and its combat and crafting system works just like Minecraft. As you know that these types of games require a good learning curve, therefore we have compiled some useful tips and strategies to help you in making the most out of your DQB2 experience.

Camera: the camera tends to move extensively and that can be an issue in certain situations in DQB2. You can rotate it with the right stick but also if you keep holding the R3 and then use the left stick you can enlarge or reduce the view.

One of the key feature of this release is the presence of the first person view that you can access by pressing R3 and that can help you move through convoluted or very narrow areas. Make sure you have the option to show contour activated in the configuration.

The environment: You can make the map by pressing the touchpad and you can see everything around you from bird's-eye view. You can interact with the buttons on the map interface to zoom out, get closer or move around it. There you can find the location of resources and also the current missions.

Build your own route: As you travel through the map you’ll need to gather several blocks to access complicated areas. So don’t forget to collect many building blocks and take them with you in the explorations. This will allow you to also pave the way for when you go back to the same place.

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Don’t be afraid to build structures because even if you fall, you will only lose a point of life, but you will never die. In addition, there is no gravity in certain constructions, so if one of your constructions loses the base, it will continue floating in the air.

Use Bed - Rest: It is a fundamental object because not only it will allow you to gain life but it will also make your character rest so that time passes. If you get caught in the night and there are many enemies bothering you, you can always use the bed's consumable to move on to the next morning.

Be efficient and Fast: It is important that you practice the construction to make the structures as quickly as possible. You will have different shortcuts that you can customize in the options menu, and basically it is done playing with the triggers. You should try to have the structure in mind before building it so as not to waste resources in vain.
It is always good to cook

Although you can recover health by eating raw foods, you will always get better recipes and a greater health gain if you cook them at the bonfires. In this way, whenever you are at a bonfire, take advantage of a series of cooked dishes so that your character is always at its best.

Store your items and materials: While you can carry certain materials with the character, the main inventory is limited. For this it is important that you take advantage of the bag, which gives you a large amount of extra storage to carry with you all the necessary materials in your explorations and adventures. You should also take advantage of the so-called community chest, which will allow you to store materials and food that can be shared by the rest of the villagers and thus keep them happy.

Improve Fighting Skill: You must learn to fight and not just bang the buttons. It's a good idea to first see the attack moves of enemies you do not know, and then intervene. You can also bet by giving a couple of quick hits and then back to see how the enemies react. In this type of games it is important to know the animation of the attack of the enemies to know how to behave immediately afterwards.

Rebuilding: Never accept to have a building built permanently if it does not convince you at all. So don’t be afraid to break building and start over again. Realize that most of the elements and building blocks will go back to their collectible shape and you can reuse them again.