Farm Hearts Fast / Easy and Play More Time: Dr Mario World

In Dr. Mario World (DMW), hearts play a very important role as it is what allows you to play at levels. Here, we have complied some essential tips to help you farm Hearts quickly and easily, and play it longer.

In DMW, patience is important things to collect more hearts. As in other similar games, when you spend a heart you’ll have to wait a bit to continue playing.

It is not very long waiting time but you’ll need them to climb the levels and when you complete one, you’ll get a new heart. However, we also have some tips for players who don’t want to wait.

Boxes with question marks are one of the best ways to farm more hearts, but they only appear at certain levels of the stage. If you manage to reach them at a certain time that appears at the top you’ll get a reward when you finish the level. One of these rewards is hearts. Here, you’ll get up to 3 hearts if we are lucky.

Since there is an option of microtransactions, you can also spend your real money to buy more hearts.

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