Farm XP and Level Up Quickly in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 MUA3, you can level up your characters by playing naturally. In this article, we’ll show you some best methods so that you can accelerate your characters’ level and make them more powerful.

While you can level up and earn XP in a normal way, you can also climb up the level by using the XP cubes that will allow you to quickly raise the level to less experienced characters. Of course, these XP cubes have less impact on the heroes that are already somewhat powerful so you must invest them in the weakest ones.

You can get more XP Cube by completing quests and challenges or unlocking treasure chests that you’ll encounter during missions

You can also pass the different quests that the game is giving you. In particular you should focus on the challenges by waves, and that will give you a lot of XP for the characters you are using.

Farm XP, Level Up Quickly, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, MUA3

This way, if you want to level up a particular character quickly, include him or her inside the team during these types of challenges of waves of enemies.

Whether using XP Cubes or by properly selecting the roster of characters within the gameplay of waves of enemies, you can farm a lot of XP and in this way raise them in MUA3. We have also helped you to unlock.