Fishing and Bait Guide: Fire Emblem Three Houses FETH

Fishing is one of the mini games in Fire Emblem Three Houses (FETH). It doesn’t use Activity Points and every fish caught you get professor XP. You will gain professor levels partly through fishing.

How the fishing works in FETH: First you must pick bait (quality bait will get you better fish) and then start the line. As soon as it dies and the quick time event shows up on the screen, press A to shoe the fish, then press A when the light circle passes on the purple beam on the screen. It's a rhythm game. If you press when it is on the white area, you will simply have a "Good" and the health bar of your line on the left will go down a little, as well as that of the fish on the right. If you are in rhythm, you will have an "Excellent" and the health of the fish will go down considerably. By being in rhythm several times in a row, you will combine the combos, which will speed things up. If you only achieve "Excellent", you will get a perfect score, and the fish will be likely to be of better quality.

- Small fish require 2 to 3 Excellent to be completed, while the rarest will ask 6 to 8.
- Your health improves with your professor level, so it will be easier to catch big fish at high level, although it is usually very simple with one or two exceptions.
- You have a glimpse of the type of fish that awaits you with its silhouette in the water and its health bar. It's determined randomly, with your bait and current event having an influence.

Fishing and gaining professor levels (Ranks): Fishing will get you points for the next level, depending on the type of fish you'll get between 10 and 30 points. This can be a long time, but you will have to use all your baits as long as you are not at the maximum level of professor (A +), at least if you want to optimize your progress. It is possible to have a lot of baits in stock at times and that is adequate to make you progress significantly, even towards the end, if you take the time.

At the beginning of the game, it is better to use your bait as soon as possible to raise your professor rank very quickly. For example, getting E +, D and D + a week before is a big benefit.

Afterwards, it will be better to keep your bait for the special events detailed later, which will make them more profitable. The multi-angled fishing event is a real blessing, raising 2 to 4 fish each time will allow you to earn lots of points if you have stored the bait. But don't hesitate to use your baits stock, even without an event in progress, if it can obviously allow you to finish your level (count an average of 15 points per bait to do the calculation).

Finding Bait: If there were no bait limitation, you could theoretically reach the maximum professor level in the first phase of the game's exploration. It would take number of hours, but that would be possible. Otherwise, it is an excellent complement. Here are all known sources of bait:

- Pick them up all over the monastery in sight in the third person during Free Time.
- Validate quests that have baits as rewards.
- Scan an Amiibo in the dedicated area, random gifts often contain bait.
- You can also buy baits from One of the merchants. He sells dozens of baits replenished each month. This will be your main source of bait from half of the first phase of the game.

Events: Posted on the calendar, fishing events will usually be the opportunity to use your bait stock in the most profitable way. The good news is that the majority of them take place the first weekend of the month. However, some are in the middle of the month, so it will be necessary to plan your activities well.

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- Bigger Fish: You have a better chance of catching big fish, bringing in more points and having more value.
- Golden Fish: Increases the chances of raising a silver, gold or platinum fish, which can be sold at a good price to the merchants (respectively 200, 500 and 1000).
- Multiple Fish: Each time you go up your line, there will not be one, but several fish, so you will earn more professor points (and fish incidentally).
- Mysterious Fish: Recognizable by the golden aura over the pond, this event gives you a chance to catch the secret fish of the game. It will use your best baits and get lucky. Remember to make a backup before you start fishing. There is a small chance that a rarer fish will appear, which is much more difficult than usual, because much faster. The good news is that if you succeed, you will earn a lot of points and a special cooking component. It can also be sold at a good price.
- Fishing tournament: Only happens once in the game. 50 special baits will be given to you and you will have to make the biggest catch. The fish caught don't earn points in general, but beating all your competitors will earn you many items as a reward. It is important to talk once to all competitors in the area after accepting the fishing quest. It will probably take a perfect score on a giant fish to win.