GTA Online Casino: Roulette Spins Guide to Win a Car

In GTA Online Diamond Casino and Resort (DC&R) you can play roulette and spin the lucky wheel to win various prizes. The best of them is a luxury car and that will change every week. You get only one chance to win it every day, but a trick allows you to repeat the wheel spinning until the result you want, such as getting the car.

This trick may not work in the future because the Rockstar may fix the bug in the next few hours or days.

Steps to perform the trick:

- Before spinning the roulette, you must force to save the game, accessing the interaction menu and enabling "reappearance option, last location" - Change your clothing to force the save.
- Now, use roulette.
- If you don’t get the award you want you must disconnect the internet immediately after seeing the result, either "pulling the cable", or from the console settings.
- Whatever the disconnection, you will return to the story mode.
- Restore the connection.
- Return to GTA Online through an invitation session.
- You will appear in the Casino and you can spin the wheel again.

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You can use several ways to disconnect your console or PC from the Internet:

- Pull the connection cable.
- Turn off the router.
- Disconnect the connection via console menus.


  1. Does not work. Your local machine saves the info for this, so being connected to the GTA Online server is meaningless for this wheel. your best bet is to hit the reset button on your PC (each spin will take between 5-6 minutes to do) or find a way to exit out of the game other than alt+F4 (which doesnt work either)


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