Local Co-op Multiplayer Guide: Super Mario Maker 2 SMM2

Super Mario Maker 2 (SMM 2) is now available on Nintendo Switch and one of its key features is the Local Multiplayer. This new mode allows you to play creator levels for other players with up to 4 players or you can create our own levels with a friend.

Here’s how to play Super Mario Maker 2 in local Multiplayer mode:

Please not that there is no SMM2 story mode that can be played in a local cooperative. What you can do is play at the levels created by other players in local mode, although what you must do first is download them into you console.

Once you have downloaded it, you must go to the selection of levels in the menu, where you will find all the levels that you have created or that you have downloaded. Select the level you want to play and select the icon on the right side of the screen for up to 4 players. Once you have done that, you’ll be able to play SMM 2 in local cooperative mode.

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SMM2 also allows you to create your own levels with other players, you can only do it with another player, the option of 4 is not available. You just have to select the two player icon in the lower left corner of the level.