Slide Get Faster in Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled CTRNF

In Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (CTRNF), the slide or drifting is a little different than what you see in other kart games such as Mario Kart. Here, we’ll give you step by step guide on how to perform the best possible slide.

To begin a slide you have to keep one of the following buttons pressed: L1 or R1 on PS4, LB or RB on Xbox One, L or R on Switch. Once you keep one of these buttons pressed you have to twist the left joystick. You can twist it to the left or right, it depends on the direction in which you want to slide. If there is a curve that turns to the left you have to twist the joystick to the right. The operation is always the same.

Once you are sliding, you’ll see a line that advances through a meter in the lower right corner. As it progresses, more momentum will be given at the end of the slide. To activate the turbo during the slide you just have to press the other trigger of your command.

For example, if you had pressed the R1 button to start the slide, you just have to press L1 to get the boost. To take full advantage of the slide you have to press the other trigger when you see the red meter. During the same slide, this boost can be repeated up to three times, so be sure not to release the first trigger if you don’t want to cut your streak. If you manage to connect three pulses in a row you will get a considerable increase in speed.

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Another way to know when you have to slide is to see if the kart's wheels light up. The moment they do it means you have the turbo available.

Apart from learning, it is important to know the circuits in which you are going to play and all the power-ups you can obtain during the race. Each circuit has its dangers and shortcuts, so study all of them well to get the most out of the track.