Upgrade Casino Status from Silver to Diamond in GTA Online

In GTA 5 Online: The Diamond Casino and Resort (DC&R), you can upgrade your casino status from Silver, Gold, Platinum to Diamond and earn several rewards that are very worthwhile. This offer is available until August 7.

Get Silver Status:

To get the silver status you must acquire a main penthouse, either using your in-game currency or that you have obtained for free: Check out our guide on how to obtain free penthouse.

Once you are in that silver status you’ll receive a painting that you can hang on the wall through the penthouse Decoration Management menu. At the same time you will also get the classic The Diamond casino t-shirt, to wear it wherever you want.

Get Gold Status:

To get the gold status you must help Tao Cheng protect The Diamond from a corrupt family of Texas magnates. By completing this cooperative mission called “House Keeping” you will go up to the gold status and with it you will unlock an exclusive cover for the Truffade Thrax and the Truffade Tee.

Upgrade Casino Status, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond,  GTA Online

Get Platinum Status:

To get the platinum status you must complete five job missions at the casino for Agatha Baker who is the director of operations. Being in this category you will receive the tattoo “Lucky Seven”, a special accessory from the casino store, and the Kronos Ära watch.

Get Diamond Status:

From the previous status to access the Diamond status, you must complete all cooperative missions. Platinum members who host these missions will receive exclusive coverage for a new vehicle. Likewise, the platinum partners who complete the missions without being the host will also have an exclusive cover for the new Annis S80RR car.