Wolfenstein Youngblood Start Solo: Single Player Guide

Wolfenstein Youngblood lets you play alone without a friend, the game AI simply takes control of the other character.

To start playing solo / alone: Go to the main menu, however, this option is not shown at first glance. For this, you must host a new game and then select that no one is allowed to join your session, then your sister will be automatically controlled by the AI.

You choose: "Play Game> Host Game> Who is allowed to join (Nobody)> Start Game". If necessary, a new save state must be created early.

Alternative: Co-op playing: There's another way to enjoy the Wolfenstein Youngblood. Thanks to a buddy pass, you can even invite your friends who don't own the game.

Wolfenstein Youngblood, Start Solo, Single Player Guide

If you allow them to join your hosted game, they can connect to your session online. Or, in the main menu, select "Quick Game" to join the session of another "Wolfenstein" fan. You will only participate in a game that has not advanced further than your current achievement.