Best Attack and Defense Cards, Units to Use in Rush Wars

In the latest Supercell’s mobile game Rush Wars, you have the option to upgrade cards to boost your units. But finding the right units from the huge list is not so easy. Therefore, we have listed the best cards to get you started in Rush Wars.

The best attack cards to use in Rush Wars:

Pitchers (Common Troop Level 1)

This card is probably the best at low level. It needs absolutely resistant units with it but its zone damage and range are really strong.

Shields (Common Troop Level 1)

Alone, it is not useful because its damage is very weak but coupled with Pitchers, the two units can do heavy damage.

Tank (Epic troupe Level 2)

Tank is an alternative to Shields. The only problem is that the unit takes the place of two. The unit is very strong and inflicts heavy damage.

Bazooka (Rare troupe Level 3)

The strength of this unit is to attack units in the air. Besides that, it is better to go on Pitchers. It is also possible to add one to your compo.

Hot shot (Rare troupe Level 3)

As for the Bazooka, it is possible to add one to its composition because it attacks the units on the ground and in the air. It has twice as much health as Bazooka or Pitchers.

Troopers (Common Troop Level 1)

The very first unit of the game is not really strong because of its low hit points. Faced with a Mortar, this unit does not last long, it is better to favor Pitchers.

Best Attacks, Defense Cards, Units, Rush Wars

We advise you a composition based on:
- 1 Tank + 3 Pitchers
- 2 Shields + 3 Pitchers

You can also change 1 Pitcher with 1 Hot shot or 1 Bazooka. Spell side, favor the Boost as soon as you have it. At least, this will serve you to have a star.

The best defense cards to use in Rush Wars

Mortar (Joint Defense Level 2)

The Mortar has it all: heavy damage in area and a great range. It is simply necessary that the enemies are far enough away or the Mortar can no longer fire. A lure such as a Dummy or a Plumber Hole can be helpful.

Cannon (Joint Defense Level 2)

The Cannon is the unit par excellence to kill a big unit, like a tank. Significant damage in a high rate of fire, in short, no Tank is resistant to the Canon. Be careful, however, because facing groups of units, it is not the weight compared to the Mortar.

Mines (Joint Defense Level 2)

Mines can be a good way to lower the health of a group of enemies, or force your opponent to go another way if he does not want to take mines, and therefore attract him.

Plumber hole (Rare defense Level 2)

As written in the description of the Mortar, the Plumber Hole can be very useful for channeling enemy units to a specific location before it can deal damage. The only problem is that it takes the place of two units.

We advise you a composition based on:

- 1 Canon + 1 Mortar + 1 Mines
- 2 Tanks

Once you have level 6, you can eventually change your Mines with 1 Plumber hole. At present, this defense is relatively strong.