Clan System Guide: Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey

In Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey (ATHO), your clan is a very important aspect of the game. You can build friendship with them and help isolated apes and recruit them.

You can also analyze a clan member and learn more about his attributes, to do that you just need to get close to him and press the key to analyze it to get all the information.

Tip: If you want to take control of the clan member, press replace.

The Development: Improve communication nodes to improve and increase the interactions and possibilities of your clan.

Tip: Some bonuses are available for clan members, called "genetic potential". These specific nodes will be automatically unlocked once the member in question has reached adulthood.

The Reproduction: Once you linked to a clan member of the opposite sex, you can try to have babies to increase the population and earn bonuses in the evolution. To reproduce, you just lie in your bed and call your partner. Once there, you will have the chance to try to have a baby. This feature doesn’t work all the time and it will sometimes even change partners.

Tip: When you analyze a member of your clan you can see whether or not he is fertile.

If mating succeeds, a message will appear in the middle of your screen and you can then select whether or not to give birth to your child.

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The interactions: as you progress in the game, you’ll be able to interact more and more with your clan members. For example, you may ask them to follow you and go on an expedition with them to hunt, defend you, etc.

Tip: Going out with the whole clan is unsafe, if you're not ready, the whole clan may be decimate causing your loss. You also have the option to call the members of your clans to bring some of them. You can ask a member of your choice to follow you in order to have a partner to support you.

Couples can be trained in a clan by grooming. Approach another monkey and press the grooming key. Hold and release B at the right moment (wait for the audio signal) to form a pair.

Recruit a clan member in Ancestors THO: As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter some lonely monkeys needing help. These apes can be found around the game world and can join your clan. To do this, find out how to solve their problems, and they will join your clan. Sometimes you just need to give them food or heal their wounds.