Farm Gold Fast in Rush Wars: Efficient Money Making Guide

Like most other video games, money (gold) plays an important role in Supercell’s Rush Wars and there are several ways to farm them.

- Our first method is to earn gold coins from the two chests appear at the bottom of your screen. These chests will bring you gold coins for free and you can farm one every 3 hours.

- In Rush Wars, you can unlock chests with keys that you can get for free. Every sixty minutes you’ll get one new key and you can have up to 5. It is therefore best to start your game every 5 hours to increase your gold farming. (The chests will allow you to get a lot of coins).

- You can also earn gold coins without playing, as your defense brings a considerable amount of gold coins depending on the level of City Hall. For example, if you are at level 3, you will earn 15 gold coins per hour.

- Hit the gold mines - some of your battles must have a different purpose. Often, you will want to hit as many gold mines as possible, but in some cases it will be more wise to go mine with 10, 15 or more gold inside.

If you find a mine with a lot of gold, don’t hesitate and dispatch all your units, even if you only get one star, it's always a victory!

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- Of course you can also spend your real money to buy gold coins in Rush Wars. If you're not sure which pack is the most profitable, then don’t worry. In Rush Wars, the more you buy an expensive pack, the more you will win in terms of gems, and therefore gold coins.