Fix My New TV, Turns Itself Off and On Automatically

If your newly purchased Television turns itself off and on automatically, then it does not really mean that it is faulty. Today’s TVs have features that can interfere with function and cause the screen to dim or bright on its own.

- First thing you should do is to check the power cable and the plug, improper or poor connection may be causing the problem. If your TV is too close to the wall, then make sure the wire is not tangled. To do this, disconnect it from the TV, straighten it to undo possible folds and plug it back in. At the end that plugs into the power socket, make sure that the outlet is tighten.

- Our next troubleshooting tip is to check the timer function / sleep timer or snooze mode. This feature will turn off your TV after a certain amount of time and maybe it enable by default. Check the settings and make sure the feature is off to prevent the TV from turning off and On automatically.

Also, some TVs feature standby mode. If you have enabled this function or it has been enabled by default, it is possible that your TV is turning itself off when "no one is watching" and possibly at a specific time. For example: on Samsung TVs, you need to look for the Eco Solution item in the settings and check No Signals to prevent the problem from recurring.

Fix New TV, Turns Off, Turns On Automatically, Samsung 8K, QLED 8K, 82Q90CR,

- Some TV models connect with Wi-Fi or with WLAN to activate the TV automatically. When the feature is enabled, the TV turns on itself by identifying an interaction from another user's device connected to the same network. This is often occurs when the smartphone connects to the Wi-Fi network. To avoid this, you can disable the feature in network menu.

Also some TV models have a power-saving feature that automatically turns off after a while without an active connection. If your home Internet has dropped and your TV has remained on for a signal, it may turn off on its own if Wi-Fi does not return soon. As with other functions described above, this is not a malfunction: simply re-connecting or disabling the TV's TV functions will return to normal use.

- If you have tried everything mentioned above but are still the TV keeps turning itself on or off by itself, then it is possible that the cause is a software failure. In such cases, you can perform a system restore to try to fix the issue. The procedure changes from one TV model to another.

If the fault remains even after a factory reset, then we recommend that you take your device to a service center.