Increase Honor Points and Ranks Guide: WoW Classic

To reach the highest ranks in WOW Classic, you must farm relentlessly. There are several ways to increase your Honor level and earn Contribution Points every seven days. Here, we’ll give you some useful tips to farm honor efficiently in WoW Classic.

- Our first tip is to pay attention to your target level: the level of the opponent you are about to defeat has a direct impact on the number of Honor points you get. Killing an opponent of the same level brings you more honor than killing a low level opponent besides, killing a character with 10 levels lower don’t bring you Honor.

- Your level is also an important factor in farming effective Honor. Defeating a level 60 alone while you are level 60 gets you more honor than defeating him at level 30 and accompanied by another level.

- If you're having fun killing a character repeatedly, then you’ll get a lot less honor than killing other players in the next 24 hours. A player's second kill on the same day gets you 75% of the honor, the third 50%, the fourth 25%, and from the fifth killing you no longer get Honor.

- If you kill opponents while you are in a group or raid, the amount of Honor awarded by the death of a character is divided evenly among all members of the group or raid. Lower-level players earn less honor than higher-level players. Finally, players who are too far away from the killed player don’t receive a single Honor.

Increase Honor Points, Ranks, WoW Classic

- No AFK in PvP: As we mentioned earlier, the number of Honor awarded by the death of a player is divided equally among all members of the group or raid. However, your contribution, that of your team and your raid on the death of the player impacts on the amount of Honor earned at his death.

- The more a player has a high Honor Rank, the higher the Honor Points value. Therefore, target characters with prestigious titles as a priority: not only they are the strongest but also they will get you more honors.

- Kill the leaders of the opposing faction: Although very powerful, know that it is very interesting to kill the leaders of the opposing faction because they give a lot of Honor (the amount is divided between all the participants, including those not grouped, according to the same rules as generated).