Easy Ways to Earn More Coins in Pokémon Masters

In Pokémon Masters, you’ll need to have a large amount of coins to successfully complete the game. Here, we have compiled some useful tips to help you farm a lot of coins easily so that you can progress through the game fast.

Complete Your Battles Successfully: In Pokémon Masters, winning battles will get you some coins. It is not that they are too many, but if you are a player who invests a lot of time every day and does a lot of fighting, you’ll get a considerable amount of coins.

Complete Story Missions: If you progress naturally through the game and complete all the missions of the chapters, you’ll earn some get coins. Before you begin a mission you’ll be able to know how many coins you can earn as a reward by viewing the corresponding rewards page of the chapter.

Complete Courses in the Training Area: The training courses will also bring you some coins. In any case, due to the small amount of coins that you’ll get in this type of course, it is not necessary to repeat them.

Take Side Quests: In Pokémon Masters, there are some side quests that can appear during the main story missions. When you complete them you’ll obtain some coins, and this is one of the best ways to obtain them in the game.

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The Super Training Courses: This super courses reward players with pearls, which can later be exchanged for coins in the store. Unfortunately, super training courses are only available for a limited time, and each can only be done up to three times a day.