Farm Rubies without Spending Real Money: Mario Kart Tour

In Mario Kart Tour (MKT), you need Rubies to unlock all characters, karts or gliders. It is possible to buy them with your real money. However, in this guide we’ll show you how to get Rubies in MKT without spending your real money.

- Our first tip to earn Rubies for free is to log in every day: As in other mobile games, you can earn rewards by logging in everyday. MKT doesn’t escape the rule and you can get them without spending your real money.

- Play to pass your levels: At the top left of your phone, you can see a progress bar. This is your level in MKT. Whenever you win a level, you will get rewards, so rubies!

- Collect your seasonal gifts: Once you have completed all three Cups, you will have access to a seasonal gift. There are many, you must collect a maximum of stars to unlock all these gifts. To have stars, you have to finish the different circuits.

- Play in league: You will be able to play in leagues and face your opponents. They take place in the available circuits and will allow you to obtain rewards every week. Indeed, a weekly ranking is set up and allows you to win 300 gold coins with 20 gems.

If you want to spend your real money to get Rubies, then we recommend you to buy the pack in special offer, the ratio spent money / ruby obtained is much more profitable!