Find Ingredients, Make Potions: The Sims 4 Realm of Magic

In The Sims 4 Realm of Magic (TS4 RoM), you can make potions to satisfy your needs, trap your opponents or improve your skills.

Guide to make potions: After you pass the portal, you will enter the HQ. There you'll be able to make potions with pots! In order to make them, you’ll have to locate the recipes earlier and above all you have to buy the ingredients!

Ingredients are available in the shop. In this shop, you’ll be able to buy some ingredients. Every day, the ingredients sold change, so you have to stock up when you see an important ingredient on sale!

After you purchased, the ingredients will be in your Inventory (I) and you can use them to make your potions.

Get new potions recipes: You have several options to find all the recipes of the game The Sims 4 RoM:

- The first is to buy books at the Casters Alley, but this technique is quite long

- The second is to perform experiments in the cauldron, but this technique is quite random.

 Find Ingredients, Make Potions, The Sims 4, Realm of Magic, TS4, RoM

- The next method is to seek the advice from the three HQ Sages. The wise can teach you all the recipes, although it will take a few minutes before asking them for a new apprenticeship.