Guide to Fire a Gun in GreedFall

As you progress through GreedFall, you’ll be able to unlock a gun and also have the necessary attributes to equip them. However, how that works may be unclear at the beginning, but the solution is very simple once you know it.

Once you have equipped the gun, you must activate the tactical pause in the game. For this you use the tab key on the PC and on the controller R1 (PS4) or RB (Xbox One). Now you switch to the tab "Techniques", where now the entry "Firearms" is found - the number on the right shows the existing ammo. Now select "Assign" to set the button you use to fire shots. Of course, the button can also be changed later. Now you can close the tactical pause.

How to Aim and Shoot in GreedFall?

Now you can use the fixed button in combat to shoot a gun. Of course, you can also fire the gun directly from the pause menu, with "Use". De Sardet automatically shoots at the opponent who has just been targeted by you. You specify another target with the right analog stick or on the keyboard on the PC with the arrow keys.

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