Remove Curse in The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Guide

In the latest The Sims 4 expansion, The Sims 4 Realm of Magic, you’ll get different kinds of curses and some of them are bad for your Sim.

How to remove the curse to your Sim?

When your Sim has a curse, you have two options to get rid of it:

- The first one called Decursify Spell, which is available every 24 hours and you can use it to remove one curse. Therefore, if you have several, then this spell will not be most effective

- The second one called "Curse Cleaning Potion." This one is much more useful than the previous one because it removes all of your curses. The problem is that, who says potion, says that there are ingredients and not sure that Casters Alley necessarily has what you need.

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A curse on a Sim, it's serious?

Not really, it can still impact your life. Take the example of one of the curses. It prevents your Sim from sleeping and keeps him awake because he is afraid to close his eyes. This can quickly be problematic, even if you use cheat codes because the curse ignores a cheat code that puts your needs to 0. However, if it is a curse forcing your Sim to make hugs everyone ... no problem, unless one of the Sims you embrace is not very tactile. In these cases, don’t hesitate to use your best spell!