Tactics to Beat Katagawa Ball, Weapon Guide: Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 includes few difficult bosses and one of them is Katagawa Ball. You’ll find him in a room at the end of Skywell 27 during the mission “Space Laser Tag”.

This boss can take a lot of damage and has three health bars: two times shield and one armor. To get through is really difficult.

He uses various laser attacks, which he sometimes hits you in bombshell, sometimes in radiation and sometimes in the form of waves around the ears. They usually cover a large area and are difficult to escape.

How to defeat Katagawa Ball: You shouldn’t tackle Katagawa Ball below level 15. If you have not yet reached this level, then you can do some side quests and collect experience points.

If you still have problems with level 15, you should consider breaking the fight again and continuing to level.

What weapon should you use against Katagawa Ball: Since he is defensively strong, you need the right ammo.

With the wrong weapon, it takes considerable time to get through the shields and armor and consume a lot of ammo. Anyway, you should have enough ammo before you start.

Beat Katagawa Ball, Weapon Guide, Borderlands 3

- To crack the metal armor (yellow bar), it's best to use Corrosion Weapons.
- The shield (blue bar) is best with shock weapons.

Bypass Attacks: It's worth fighting for the Katagawa Ball. Because he has strong attacks that can drain your health and shield at once.

- As you go up the stairs, you will find some containers behind which you can find shelter.
- Also a good place to hide is the turbine, which you can use as a protective wall. It offers you a small window to look through and shoot when the air is clean.

However, the large area damage attacks also remain dangerous if you hide well.

You need patience: The fight remains a game of patience until the end. If you have to leave the cover, keep moving. Keep him always under target and under fire - otherwise the he will suddenly pop up behind you.

His eye is particularly vulnerable and suffers critical hits if you catch it. Also to hit the extended side plates brings him out of the concept.

Is there a legendary weapon as reward? Once you have dfeated Katagawa Ball, it is time to collect your reward. In addition to a quest item, there is also loot. That the boss may drops a legendary weapon, but not guaranteed. Katagawa Ball has no own, legendary weapon.