The Last of Us 2 (TLOU 2) Trailer Review

Naughty Dog and the Sony Computer Entertainment revealed the release date and the first trailer for their upcoming horror video game “The Last of Us 2.”

The trailer begins slowly showing the Jackson County community and then Dina and Ellie leave together to travel around the ruins. But suddenly Ellie falls and we don’t know what will be the fate of Dina since Ellie leaves alone in the snowy land with her horse.

We can assume that Ellie was captured by a group of thugs since she is in a room begging them to stop what they were about to do and then we hear a shot.

In the next sequence we see Ellie with many wounds on the back. Has she been raped or just beaten by these thugs? We finally see Tommy, Joel's brother, come to Ellie's house to talk about her revenge on the people who provoked all this and the little information that the latter had on them.

The Last of Us 2, TLOU 2, Review, Dina and Ellie
In the following sequences we find the new infected, the world which is more invaded by the vegetation than before, but also and especially a small sequence possibly making the link between the very first advertisement trailer and the current one since we see Ellie prepare her hand but is it to play the guitar as in the previous trailer?

The video ends with the appearance of Joel in much older version that comes to help Ellie in his quest. The trailer ends with showing the release date of TLOU 2, February 21, 2020.