Access Moon Island in Dofus Retro - Guide

To enter some locations of Dofus Retro (1.29) you have to complete certain quests and the Moon Island is such area that you need to fulfill the following requirements or quest to get access.

Minimum level: 20

Required: Helmet 1x, Wooden Wings 1x and 1000 Kamas

To get access to Moon Island, you’ll first need a helmet and a pair of wooden wings. Both items can be bought at the Tailor 's Shop or made by a tailor with the following ingredients or recipes:

- Helmet: 10 Black Gobball leathers + 10 Linen twine + 5 Gobball Wool
- Wooden Wings: 4 Ash Wood + 10 Linen Twines

The recipes are "secret" and don’t appear in the list, it's normal.

Once you fulfill these requirements, go to the cannon for the Moon Island in [11,10] in Amakna and talk to the Promoter of the tourist agency to buy him a ticket to 1000 Kamas

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When you have the ticket and you have the helmet and wings, click on the cannon to fly to Moon Island.

First of all, don’t forget to register the zaap in [35,12] so you don’t have to do this again every time you want to get to this island.