Call of Duty Mobile: Use DS4 or Xbox One Controller Guide

The latest Activision video game Call of Duty (CoD) Mobile is now available on both Android and iOS devices. If you already own this fee-to-play game, then this guide may help you.

The controller is always a great tool for this type of games and in this guide we show how you can use Dual Shock 4 (DS4) or Xbox One controller to play CoD Mobile.

Use Dualshock 4 controller with Android Devices

To connect a PS4 Dualshock 4 controller with your Android device should go to the Device Settings menu, click on Device Connectivity and then click on Bluetooth and enable it.

Then you must press and hold the PS and Share buttons on the DS4 until the lights on it begin to flash. Then you have to select the controller from the connectivity menu and it would have already been connected with the Android device.

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To use an Xbox One controller with your Android device you must first make sure that your controller is version 1708 or later in order to connect via Bluetooth. Once this has been verified, you just have to follow the same procedure as with the PS4 controller. The pairing button is located to the left of the charging port.

Use Dualshock 4 controller with iOS Devices

On iOS devices you must do the same steps as mentioned above however, you have to make sure that your Apple device is running a version of iOS 13.


  1. Im using a xbox 1708 pro controller on my android device. The controller connects and COD reconises it but when I touch the left joystick it ads and constantly fires. It wont stop fireing untill I disconect the controller.


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