Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Get Started in Ground War

The latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare (CoDMW) patch (1.04) has brought a new game mode called Ground War. Here are some essential tips to get you started in this new mode.

- Pay attention to your surroundings - in this new mode you’ll often encounter snipers. So be careful of your surroundings and watch out buildings and roofs to avoid sniper attacks.

- The main goal of this mode is to capture areas and defend them will be quite difficult but it will be much easier to attack because the maps are very large and the paths and buildings will allow players to be ingenious both to defend attacking.

Master your surroundings and hunting ground - you must quickly control your area by searching the ideal places according to you to launch ambushes on your opponents.

- Use vehicles - You’ll find vehicles as you progress through the game. You can use them to reach your destination faster and can also eliminate some opponents.

Vehicles can also be useful for capturing areas such as tanks that can provide ground support or helicopters that can drop players in the area.

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- Stay together - We strongly advise you to stay with your teammates. Solo ambushes can be a good idea but it is also the best way to die stupidly by being overwhelmed by numbers.

However, you can follow your teammates and use them as decoys by going into a building to take your opponents flank and eliminate them. Remember, however, that your opponents may have the same idea as you.

- Pick your weapons wisely - Before you starting the game, you must equip with weapons that can respond to different situations.

If you want as a sniper, it will be particularly useful to have clay-mores to be able to place behind you to protect you from enemies.

Bedsides, bonus rounds of eliminations will be very useful to support your team, so choose them wisely.

- Eliminations are not everything - This mode will be great for all players who love to play as support for their teammates. Doing the most eliminations will not make you win the game and so having support equipment will allow your team to win the game.

- Useful equipment - The reconnaissance drones, ammo caches and the cover shield will be useful as equipment.