Find O in the Loading Screen, Location Map: Fortnite

Every week, the Fortnite (Chapter 2 Season 1) creators offer new tasks and this week the main task is called Grand Large, where you need to find the letter O. It is hidden in the Grand Large loading screen. Here, we’ll give you a step by step guide to complete this challenge.

This task is similar to that of the New World mission, where you are required to search and find the letter F in a loading screen.

To successfully complete this mission, first you must have access to the loading screen. To activate it in the game, you must finish at least 8 Tasks / objectives of the open water mission. You can then put it on the loading screen of your game, and watch if you find the letter O!

Boat Locations Guide: Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1

You’ll notice that the letter is located inside a building, close to the water at Craggy Cliffs, near the sea. You have to go under the building of the restaurant to get the letter O.

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