MediEvil Remake: Get the Original PS1 game

MediEvil remake is here, and the creators have thought of all the beloved fans of the game and made them a real treat. The original MediEvil game is added to the remake and can be played after meeting certain requirements.

Our guide we’ll show you how to unlock the old game:

To unlock and play the original MediEvil game, you must find all 19 lost souls. To achieve this, you must do the following steps:

- The first thing you should do is find the chest that unlocks the Lost Souls. To do this you must follow the path on the right from the main entrance, go down some stairs and there you’ll find the chest.

- All levels contain a soul. To know if you have found a Lost Soul or not you’ll see that there is an S icon in the level. Each soul will have a puzzle to find it. Once you have found all 19 souls the original MediEvil will be unlocked.

MediEvil Remake, Original PS1 Game, PS4, PS5

This game retains the original graphics and has been adapted so that the Dualshock 4 controller is compatible with the title.