Rename a Friend, Add a Nickname: Fortnite Guide

How to give a little name or nickname to a friend in Fortnite? It's very simple since Epic Games has added this feature with the Halloween update!

With Halloween update 11.10, the Fortnite developer has introduced a new feature in the game: the change of nickname of your friends. For example: if one of your teammates is called fff_Badxxx_fff, you can simply rename him to Batman. This feature will be very handy if you want to give you little names between you or if you just don't like the nickname of a friend or ... if you forget who is fff_Badxxx_fff.

It is very easy to set up:

- Click on your friends list at the top left of the home screen (once you've signed in to a game mode);
- Select the friend you want to rename
- Left click to open a menu
- Then click on "add a nickname"
- Write a nickname of up to 16 characters.

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