Tactics to Kill Storm King in Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 has got new challenges with patch (11.10). One of these challenges requires you to defeat a boss named Storm King.

In our Fortnite Chapter 2 boss guide we’ll walk you through the best tactics to beat Storm King and finish the Fortnitemare challenge successfully.

To kill Storm King, you must first tackle his weak points. They appear in yellow and it is important that all your teammate attack them at the same time. After you damage and destroy a weak point, you’ll get access to his horns for a short period of time. You must also destroy his horns to win the battle.

However, you must anticipate his attacks. He has two attacks: his breath and his knocks. The best tactical defense to escape his attacks is to dodge. Here, you’ll also encounter some zombies and you have to kill them at the same time as you try to fight the Storm King.

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