Use Boomerang in Mario Kart Tour Guide

There are new challenges available in Mario Kart Tour (MKT) and one of these challenges requires you to get ten Boomerang hits. Our guide we’ll show you how to complete this challenge quickly.

The Boomerang is not available on all drivers. Only three characters have this item: Baby Luigi, Baby Mario and Larry. So, if you don’t have one of these characters, then you won’t be able to complete this task.

To complete this challenge quickly, you need a bit of luck here. If you go into a frenzy, you can use the item you got for a few seconds. If it's a Boomerang, then the task will be easier. Otherwise, you’ll have to be patient and wait for the Boomerang.

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To get the Frenzy, your driver must be on a race where he can have three gifts in the item boxes. So choose the circuit well. For Baby Luigi, you have to pick the Luigi's Mansion R, for Baby Mario the Mario Circuit 1T or the Waluigi Pinball Waluigi Flipper and for Larry you must pick the Kalimari Desert R.