Use Giant Banana 3 Times in Mario Kart Tour MKT

Here, we’ll share some useful tips for the new challenge that requires you to use giant banana three times in Mario Kart Tour (MKT)

This is one of the items that you can find in the MKT gifts. It has the particularity of losing control to the opponent who touches it, and then turns into three bananas of normal size. You can find this in the gift boxes available on the races, but beware, this one is only available with one character! It will play DK if you want to validate this challenge because it is his specialty.

We recommend that you carryout this task on one of DK’s favorite circuits, to have 3 items per box, so you’ll get a chance to have 3 giant bananas! Having them at once will also allow you to enter frenzy mode.

You can also maximize your chances of success by picking suitable gliders! The flower glider and the BBIA Parafoil will give you more chances to have the giant banana in the gift boxes.

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