Battle Breakers: Getting Started Guide and Leveling Tips

Battle Breakers is the newest mobile RPG video game from the creator of Fortnite, Epic Games. To get you started, here are some useful tips to help you level up and progress in Battle Breakers.

How to play Battle Breakers? 

In Battle Breakers, you’ll have to build your own battle team with heroes and then participate in battles.

At the beginning you’ll start with just one hero and as you progress through the game you’ll be able to collect rewards and unlock characters. Here, you must pick the best heroes with the highest number of stars to enter into the fighting.

You’ll also have to pick the layout of the characters on the board, putting in the rear those who make magical or remote attacks, and in the front to the strongest physically.

While the fight takes place automatically because this is the default, you can also choose to do them manually. But basically it consists of breaking gems, elements of the stage, and attacking all the enemies that come out.

Besides, destroying enemies you can also unlock buildings that’ll give you a variety of different effects, including increasing the level limit of each character.

In Battle Breakers, you can also participate in many other missions or special events that will always be available once you open start the game.

In summary, your main task is to build a powerful team of heroes, capture the territories on the map and improve all your characters by taking advantage of each of the skills.

How to Unlock Heroes?

You’ll be able to unlock heroes automatically by playing games, but mainly in these ways:

- Through the missions
- Following the traces of the heroes on the map
- Thanks to the special events
- Completing different stages on the map
- Through the store chests
- In the store itself
- As a reward for logging in daily
- With the battle pass

Notice that the heroes have four skills such as basic, passive, commander and special.

- Basic skill is based on character class
- Passive ability is automatically activated
- Commander skill improves the entire team

Which Battle Breakers Hero Should You Choose at the Beginning?

At the beginning you’ll get a chance to pick one of the following initial heroes such as Tessa, Laric or Mei.

Battle Breakers, Tessa, Laric, Mei, Getting Started Guide, Leveling Tips
- Tessa is an archer type character that comes in handy for long-distance attacks and that you should never use her on the frontline.

- On the other hand you have Laric that is a tank or fighter type, and that is totally contrary to the previous one, since you must put him on the frontline because he is ideal for close combat.

- Finally we have Mei who is a mage with enough special abilities that you can use in the middle of the line because she will be worth to heal all those around or to cast magic spells against enemies.

- Here you have to tryout with the most powerful heroes, the ones with the highest star rating. Obviously you should always put in battle the heroes who have six stars in front of those of one, but it is clear that it will not always be easy to have heroes of so many stars in your power.

- Initial training is very important, since you must know how to place each one on the board in an appropriate way. In this way those who are physically weak and who are usually good at ranged attacks should be placed in the rear, while those who are very strong physically ideal for the melee must be at the frontline.

- You must use all the buildings once you have them unlocked, since they have a number of benefits. You cannot only collect free rewards in these buildings, but also raise the level of heroes, make them able to carry more inventory and other interesting advantages.
There will always be new heroes to discover, so never settle for a team and combine them with the new ones you get.

- Do not leave any of the special events that’ll be available in a limited way in the game. They will provide you with interesting rewards, so participate as often as possible in these events.

- In battles you must meet some prerequisites to access them, such as having a series of determined heroes. If you don't have the concrete heroes to access a particular battle, you can always borrow a hero from any of your friends who will act as an additional commander. Note that the commander hero gives an additional effect to the entire team.

- Learn the elements of the crystals, since according to their color they mean one thing or another. For example, the purple color is dark nature, the green color is pure nature, the blue color is water, the red color is fire and the yellow color is light. This way, if a hero has the same element as the crystals, he can causes additional damage. Be careful, because enemies also enjoy the same benefit.