Franchise Mode and Conservation Credits Guide: Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo, construction and management simulation video game, is available now on Steam. The game comes with number of game modes. Here, we’ll show you how the franchise mode and Conservation Credits works.

This mode will let you construct and develop your zoo as you wish. Your main task is to raise animals and release them, to save the different types of animals while developing your zoo. This is an online mode with limited interactions with other players.

Conservation Credits in Planet Zoo

Although the communication with other players is quite light, it is necessary if you want to progress and develop your zoo. If you want to buy new animals you will either have to invest a few dollars or else pay with Conservation Credits.

Of course, the best species and animals with the best statistics can only be purchased with Conservation Credits and these are quite difficult to obtain.

Conservation Credits are also required to open a park. Therefore, if you want to open several, then you’ll need to have a large amount of this currency.

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- Opening a park in Franchise mode will cost you 100 Conservation Credits.
- Animals purchased with dollars will not earn Conservation Credits once released.

How to Farm Conservation Credits?

You can farm the Conservation Credits using the methods listed below:

- By logging daily;
- Sell or release animals in the wild
- Visit different parks;
- Complete various daily, weekly, monthly or community challenges.