Guild Wars 2: Whisper in the Dark Trailer Review

Creators of Guild Wars 2 have confirmed that the first episode, Whispers in the Dark, of The Icebrood Saga will be available next week, November 19. They also released a new trailer for the game.

The video clip is just under 1:30-minute long and shows an insight into the content of the upcoming episode

- The trailer begins with showing the general setting and the new map Bjora Marches located in Shiverpeaks.
- After that, everything revolves around the features of the new episode.
- The later part of the video will be scary. The player stands in a dark forest and hears whispers in the dark. The voice says that they "cheat us" and that you cannot "trust them". Only the voice can protect us.

The trailer also shows the character Boneskinner who has already appeared in the first announcement to the episode.

The latest update has a number of new features:

- The map Bjora Marches.
- A new mastery “Raven Attunement” that was already revealed at the launch of the Icebrood Saga.
- A second mastery called "Essence Manipulation".
- A new upgradeable weapon set called "Ancient Boreal".
- A new, exotic raven-style scepter.
- A sweet campfire treats for toasting.
- 3 new bosses in the attacking missions that rotate every week.

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In addition, the Bloodbound story continues. In this, a group of Charr made their way to the west of the Shiverpeaks to compete against an Old Dragon.