Fix Lagging Improve PC Performance: Red Dead Redemption 2

If you are experiencing lags or performance issues when playing the game Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) on PC, then you can fix them with a series of settings that we will detail below:

Water Physics Quality: you could lower it to 50%
Triple Buffering: Enabling this may negatively affects the performance
MSAA: it is a smoothing technique that may affects game's performance and we advise you to use the TAA technique instead
Tree Tessellation: Something that you won’t need and that you could disable

You should lower the following parameters more or less depending on the type of equipment you have.

Graphics Recommendations

Average lighting quality
Average Reflex quality
Average water quality
Volumetric to medium

Fix Lagging, Improve PC Performance, Red Dead Redemption 2, RDR 2

Advanced graphic settings

We advise you to only touch this if you understand what you are doing:

Graphics API: Vulkan
Volumetric resolution close to low
Volumetric resolution far to medium
Average lighting quality of the particles
Shades of medium grass
Full resolution SSAO to disabled
Medium water reflection quality
Motion blur to off
60% geometry level of detail
Grass level of detail 40%

The idea is that you try to reach 60 fps while you are enjoying the game, so you will have to experiment.