Fortnite: Win Silver Survival Medals, Panacea vs Toxin

A new set of Fortnite Chapter 2 challenges are here, and this week you’ll have to complete Ultimate Effort (UE) mission. The first challenge, Panacea vs Toxin, requires you to earn several silver survival medals. In this guide, we’ll show you how to obtain them.

Win Silver Survival Medals in Fortnite

Survival medals can be earned by surviving as long as possible, depending on the number of opponents still present in the game. The medals are distributed as follows:

Bronze medal: top 50
Silver medal: top 25
Gold medal: top 10

To start the challenge, you’ll need to achieve three Top 25! This will allow you to get the 3 requested silver survival medals.

Fortnite, Win Silver Survival Medals, Panacea vs Toxin

What are medals in Fortnite?

Medals are one of the new features included in the Fortnite Chapter 2. It is a system allowing you to earn experience with each medal earned. You can get them in different ways, and there are several categories. Each of them has 3 different levels: bronze, gold and silver.

Please note that these challenges are a leak, the official list will be released later today.


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