Improve MH World Iceborne PC Performance, Run Smoothly

Monster Hunter World Iceborne players on PC are experiencing numerous performance issues at launch. Capcom has apologized for the technical problems that accompany the release. Until a patch is released, we have compiled some tips here to make things better. You don't have to expect a miracle, but they can improve things more or less individually, and make a difference in the end.

Nvidia Cards:

- Update your Nvidia drivers to the latest.
- In the Nvidia Control Panel, open "Manage 3D Settings", deactivate the "Low latency mode" option if it is activated.
- In the same panel, you can try to disable vertical synchronization.


- Close unnecessary applications as much as possible, like your Internet browser.
- Open the task manager and select MHW in the programs. Right click then details, in the new tab, select it, then put its priority high.

MH World Iceborne, Improve PC Performance, Run Smoothly

Monster hunter world

- Disable the DirectX 12 Api, even if you have a compatible card and Windows 10.
- Generally, playing in optimized windowed mode is much more demanding, switch the game to full screen mode.
- Activating the limit at 30 FPS seems to solve certain problems like regular freezes.
- In the game menu, reduce all graphics options to the minimum, this is quite extreme, but generally effective if you are desperate and all of the above have not been sufficient to provide acceptable playing conditions. You can of course grope for intermediate graphic parameters which will offer a good compromise between graphics and fluidity.