Rarest TemTem Locations: Saku, Nessla, Saipat and Oceara

In TemTem, there is a chance capture some creatures however, in early access the game does not have many to discover. Even so, the cdreaters have left several TemTem that are quite rare to find, and that you may not even have heard yet and that it would be good if you find them.

Where to find Saku, Nessla, Saipat, Oceara and others?

Saku Location: You can find this creature near the Gifted Bridges, an area that you will locate along the path of Route 3.

Saipat: It seems that this creature usually appears rarely along the Thalassian Cliffs, but its appearance rate seems to be very low.

Some players have also said that they have been able to see it in the Windward Fort, route 2 and even route 3.

Barnshe: It is a fairly powerful creature, which even has one of the strongest attacks discovered so far. To find this creature you must go to the Windward Fort, specifically to the upper floor.

Rarest TemTem Locations,Barnshe

Nessla: It is not that difficult to find this creature, but it appears with a very low rate and there is no specific place where it usually appears.

Oceara: Get the surfboard and go to the Sillaro River, specifically to the docks. Once you arrive, go to the right of the docks, go up a little and find the seawater cave.

As soon as you have entered the cave, you must go to the north until you find a very long corridor. From there, go down, then turn right and go back up to find a new room where there should be a waterfall. Well, in this room you should find a natural pool at the bottom of the newly discovered waterfall and that is where you should find this rare creature.