Shard Farming Methods in Legends of Runeterra LoR

In Legends of Runeterra (LoR), Shards are in game currency that can be used to buy cards, build your deck and unlock shipments every week.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to earn Shards quickly in LoR.

Unlock Weekly Vault

Each week, you’ll be able to unlock a chest based on the number of XP earned from the previous week. You’ll get these chests every Monday and there are 13 different levels of rewards, giving you more or less Shards as well as cards.

According to Riot, if you finish your daily quests during the week then you should be able to reach the level 10. A little extra farming will therefore be necessary to reach the maximum level.

Play Expeditions

This game mode will offer you to build a special deck from proposed cards and compete against other players to accumulate a maximum of winnings. The more games you win, the higher your rewards (the maximum being for 7 wins). However, two consecutive defeats in this mode will eliminate you from the match! You will then receive rewards based on your number of wins.

Shard Farming Methods, Legends of Runeterra, LoR

In LoR, you can play a maximum of 3 expedition sessions per week. It is therefore impossible, like other similar game, to use this mode in order to intensively farm the cards. However, the rewards are very attractive and it is necessary to do your 3 runs per week if you want to optimize your progress as much as possible.

Increase Your Region Levels

You can pick a region of your choice to gain XP which you can use to level up in LoR. For each level done, you’ll get rewards including chests that give Shards. In addition, your progress may allow you to get champions from said regions. You can only pick to climb one region at a time, but it is quite possible to pick another region at any time. The last award from each region will unlock champions.

Duplicate Cards

Another method to earn Shard, card recycling will allow you to clean up your collection somewhat and enrich it. To compose a deck on LoR, you can only align the same card 3 times in your stack. Therefore if you have 4 times the same card, the last will automatically transform into 25 shards if it is "common" or 75 shards if it is "rare".

For an epic card or more, it will automatically transform into another card of the same rarity which you don’t already have in 3 copies.