Use Time Machine, Beat Secret Boss: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

This guide we’ll show you some useful tips on how to use the time machine to find and defeat the secret boss in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (DBZ Kakarot)

As you progress through the game you’ll notice that certain type of enemies (red aura) called Villains are growing in the different regions and that they usually have a level above the average of the opponents that you usually encounter. Even if you can face them, it’s better to leave them until you finish the game as they’ll lead to find the secret boss Mira and Towa.

For this you’ll have to wait until you complete the game to have the time machine available. So once you complete the game, you already have the time machine available, here you must create a team with your three best fighters and go for all these villains that leave in the different areas. However, these villains are going to have levels ranging from 30 to 100 so they won't be easy.

What you have to do is first destroy all the villains of an area so that a short scene appears where Towa will be involved. Once this scene is completed, more powerful versions of the main enemies of the game will appear.

Our goal is to end all these most powerful versions of the enemies of the game, and you’ll go to the next region where you must repeat the same dynamic of ending all the villains so that all the most powerful versions of the great enemies appear, and so on.

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When are done with all the villains and super enemies of each of the regions, Towa will already have completed his process and will bring back Mira, his great warrior. In that case you’ll have to go to the general map and press "triangle" on PS4 or "Y" on Xbox One to show various zones such as Namek, The planet of Kaito and the Kais world.

In the Kais world there is a special red icon that represents the fearsome Mira that has a level 100 and you must defeat him. Remember that this enemy has dark versions of very powerful techniques such as the energy bomb, and you will require a very high level of your characters to be able to defeat him.

As soon as you beat him, both Mira and Towa will escape to another temporary strip and they will definitely leave your region, but the villains with the red aura will appear again in the different areas that you can use to search experience and thus climb fast level your characters.