Essential Tips to Master Call of Duty MW Spec Ops

Our Call of Duty Modern Warfare Spec Ops guide will give you some essential tips to prepare for Spec Ops operations.

Be ready for a challenge

Here you’ll get eight different missions and all of them come with their own structure and requirements. Before you start playing CoD MW Spec Ops with your friends, you should be prepared for the following:

- Enemies - Most missions you get during an operation brings lots of opponents and sometimes spawns are not limited.

- Good Strategy Planning - To survive from the mass enemy attack or grab a mission objective, you should plan how to best tackle it. "Just get started" rarely brings anything here, except experience for the next round.

- Perseverance - Especially if you are new to the operation, several attempts will be required. Don't expect to pack everything right away. But accept the challenge and then fight your way through.

The operations can be a bit difficult, but they often offer special solutions. Operation Crosswind is a good example here. You break into an airport and have to hack a device on the roof to start. You can use the crowbar to kill through the front entrance and dozens of enemies and juggernauts before the next step comes. Or you can go quietly and take the first mission step in no time.

Prepare yourself well for the missions

Before the operation begins, there are a few points to keep in mind:

- Find a team
- Play with a guide or without

Why do you need a team? Communication is very important in this mode. When you start a player search, add your teammates as friends or at least talk to each other.

It works best with friends. But if you catch a few veterans searching for a player, success often comes here. But if you are just starting out in co-op mode, play with friends when you can and work your way through.

Why should I play with a guide? Again the example of the Crosswind mission. It took us several rounds until it was even clear that we could complete the first part without being discovered.

Correct division of roles helps with juggernauts and survival

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Why is task sharing so important? Your complete loadout consists of 3 components in the co-op modes:

- Roles - Each role comes with an active and a passive ability.
- Equipment - Here you can "buy" killstreaks before the match. But you need points from previous missions. These "killstreaks" work differently than in multiplayer and are unlocked with points.
- Equipment - Adapt your equipment to the role. Take the shrapnel perk and 2 thermite grenades. Strong weapons also help.

All 3 points influence your playing style and specialize your soldier. Defines the tasks in this order and adjusts everything so that it complements each other.

Be flexible and adapt, then SpecOps is not too difficult

When it comes to the mission itself, it takes determination. Try again and again and adapt to the situations. Here is another 3-point plan:

- Play a few rounds - Feel your way towards the mission goals and see which paths could lead to victory.
- Make a plan - when you’ve got your bearings on the goals, be more tactical. Split up into teams or try a stealth tactic.
- Adjust your gear further - If you notice that you have insufficient ammunition or you need more armor, take other equipment with you or re-assign the roles.

Just try and pull through here. Many of the operations are of a high level of difficulty and offer a real challenge. However, if you understand the structure of the missions and know which tactics are popular and when, you will soon be able to create your first round of "special forces".