Pistol Ranger Build: Wolcen Beginners Guide

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is here, and this build being intended in part for leveling, no certain object is centered. However, this build is played from a distance with projectiles. Here, you’ll need to have a pistol and a catalyst. Besides, priority should be given to objects of the renegade class, especially those which give agility and speed of movement.

Pistol Ranger build spells on Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Regarding spells, the build can of course change as you level with spells found on monsters or offered by the seller of Stormfall, Demetra. The idea will be to have a mobility spell, a defense or a creature to attract the attention of monsters, and of course damage spells. The spells to favor are of course those belonging to the categories " Attack " and " Projectile ". Find below the details of the spells used by Rhykker.

- Livor Mortis with the Generational Grief, Sacrifice and Foul Guardian modifiers.
- Phantom Blades with the Vorpal Blades , Immobilizing Bola , Thick Edges and Butterfly's Eye modifiers.

Pistol Ranger Build, Wolcen Beginners Guide

- Ethereal jump with the modifiers March of the Time Devourers and Veil of Illusion.
- Mower turret with modifiers Flak Launcher, Sleepless Sentry and Precision Bullets.
- Railgun “Deathgazer” with Aether Piercing Ammunition, Fragmented Rounds, Slow Learner, One Simple Shot and Ranged Superiority modifiers .

Other spells and modifiers are also viable. Players are therefore invited to do various tests to find what works best for them.

Wheel of destiny, talents and characteristics of the Pistol Ranger build on Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

For the Wheel of Destiny, Wolcen's talent system, Rhykker chose to focus on the paths of the Thief / Archer archetype and only pick up a few points in a Warrior tree for additional damage as well as Life Theft.

For the characteristic points, the points will have to be distributed as follows:

- Ferocity (50% of the points)
- Agility (around 30% of the points)
- Robustness (about 20% of the points)
- Wisdom (0% of points)

As mentioned in our guide to get started on Wolcen, you should not neglect the Robustness which allows you to obtain additional points of life and shield. Indeed the campaign is quite difficult and being resistant will be essential to succeed in passing it without too much difficulty.