Buy Station Locations Map and Guide: Call of Duty Warzone

In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of all the Buy Stations in Call of Duty Warzone. They are scattered throughout the Call of Duty Warzone map, and through them you can buy various items and they are as follows, with a brief description.

- Armor Plate Bundle: You can get five armor plates for $ 1500, and you can use them to replace your previously broken armor.
- Shield Turret: this will cost you $ 2000, it is an armored turret that you can deploy on the map surfaces.
- Cluster Strike: this will cost you $ 3,000, you can select a location in which to launch several cluster mortars for an attack.
- Gas Mask: this will cost you $ 3000, that gives you 12 seconds of protection against gas
- Precision Airstrike: this will cost you $ 3,500, you can use it to carry out a really powerful airstrike on the targeted area

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- UAV: with a cost of $ 4000, and is a reconnaissance ship that shows you enemy locations on the map
- Self Revive Kit: this will cost you $ 4500, and that allows you to revive in battle if you are eliminated
- Munitions Box: this will cost you $ 5000, and it allows you to deploy a munitions box and equipment for you and all your companions.
- Loadout Drop Marker: this will cost you $ 6,000, which marks a location for a supply drop allowing you to pick it up
- Squad Buyback: this will cost you $ 4,500, and it allows you to revive a squadmate who has been eliminated in the game

Location of all supply stations

Please note that some locations are random and change with games:

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