Doom Eternal Walkthrough: Get Started Tips

Doom Eternal (DE) arcade gameplay is a bit harder to master and requires certain methods to progress. Here, we have compiled a list of useful tips to help you get started in DE.

Move Frequently

In DE, you’ll encounter numerous monsters. They are fast and aggressive. If you don’t move quickly and regularly you are dead. Use double jumps, climbing, then dash thereafter. All while shooting. Also go around the room to spread the enemies and collect loot.

Take Advantage of Glory Kills

When a monster is weakened, it will stop and then glow blue (then orange). As you approach and use a melee attack, this will start a bloody execution scene, a glory kill, which will give you the life you need to survive.

Use the Chainsaw Often

You have limited ammunition and there are a lot of opponents. The chainsaw refill the fuel bar over time, so use it whenever possible to kill a small opponents (imp, gargoyle, zombie), which will give you plenty of ammunition. If you ignite it before, you will get bonus armor.

Don't Forget your Powers

This will require training to manage everything, but by making good use of the flame thrower, the frag grenades, then the ice bombs as well as the blood punch obtained later, you’ll have many techniques in time recharge for difficult times. The ice bomb is your best friend since it can immobilize a large group of fearsome monsters and allow you to unleash the rest.

Use the Right Weapon and the Right Module for the Right Situation

All weapons are useful, and with the lack of ammo, they will have to be changed often. There are many combos to achieve and weak points to exploit. For example, the sticky bomb of the shotgun on the Arachnotron turret will destroy it instantly. The plasma rifle will explode blue shields, etc. Consult the codex to discover the tricks of the weapons and the weak points of the demons.

Use the Map

The levels are sometimes quite twisted and they involve long jumps in the void. The map will help you see where to go. It is particularly useful for finding climbing walls.
Find the Secrets

Collecting crystals, armor talent points, Slayer's Door key, weapon upgrade modules, and extra lives will strengthen you. Killing enemies and performing optional combat will earn you weapon upgrade points. Remember to assign them regularly.

Doom Eternal, Walkthrough, Get Started Tips

Open the doors of the Fortress of Doom

Between missions, you can use your sentry batteries to unlock loot in the Fortress of Doom. 2 are needed per door. We advise you to start with the 2 sentinel crystals at the bottom.

Use BFG 9000

The special weapons obtained during the adventure can change the game, the BFG 9000 can instantly destroy a huge group of demons. It can also help you finish a Slayer Gate or a difficult optional fight. The crucible blade can wipe out almost any monster in one hit.


There is no miracle technique when you are at this point in the game. Clear the area of the most dangerous monsters, stand halfway to the Marauder to encourage him to trigger his melee attack which makes his shine eyes in green. It is then vulnerable to attack for a short time. The best weapon in this case is the Ballista or the Supershotgun, chain on a shot of flamethrower even grenades. Remember to kill his orange dogs too, and move sideways to avoid his energy attacks.