Earn XP Easily and Level Up Quickly in Call of Duty Warzone

In this guide, we’ll show some useful methods to farm experience (XP) and level up quickly in Call of Duty Warzone (CoDW).

Carry-Out Contracts in Loot Mode

The loot mode in CoDW is the one that allows you to earn a greater number of XP. To do this, enter this mode and ignore the rest of the companions.

First, you must focus on completing contracts, especially those of recognition. For this you must go to an area of the map and defend it for a certain time and if you do you’ll get a lot of XP.

If you complete these contracts, especially recognition ones, during the whole game and you go at your own pace, you’ll be able to earn more than 250,000 XP per game, which is turning out to be very profitable for a series of players.

The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Weapons Fast

First, you must select in your initial game configuration a weapon with which you feel good and know how to handle and that is the one you want to level up. Now is the time to enter loot game mode. The reason to enter this mode is that you can go to your free will and there are many actions to gain level.

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The idea is that you follow a similar strategy to the previous one, that is, to carry out all kinds of contracts and ultimately those side quests that when you are doing the game in teams are not usually done.

Remember that every time you complete a series of these side quests, you can gain up to 500 XP for our weapon and therefore it will be relatively easy to level it up with a couple of games. You can also use the multipliers that you’ll find to make this experience even greater.

Take Advantage of Match Bonuses

Besides, finding resources or doing eliminations and many other side quests, you must pay attention to all the bonuses you gain at the end of the games to exploit them. In this way, you can see that you’ll get a series of bonuses for opening resources, combat and several.

Try doing various tasks per game and not just focus on eliminations, because it is a mistake that players are making during these first days of play. It is being shown that by making the most varied games possible you will get XP amounts where you’ll perfectly exceed 20,000 points per game.

Then you have a special bonus in loot mode based on all the amount of money you have obtained. In principle you can obtain this money in many ways as we have already mentioned in the guide, but we repeat that the key to getting a greater XP is doing all your varied actions.