Fix Disney Plus App Not Appear on Samsung or LG Smart TVs

The Disney Plus has started to expand its services in other countries and there are many who have subscribed to the service are experiencing of not finding the application on their Samsung or LG Smart TVs.

The main reason for this is because Disney Plus is not supported on older models of Samsung Smart TVs, so all those who have purchased Samsung TVs after 2016 can enjoy Disney + service, whose operating system in most of them is TizenOS.

Similarly, those who have purchased LG TVs with WebOS 3.0 (2016) onwards will be able to watch Disney Plus without problems. What's more, with the TV connected, it is very likely that a message will appear alerting you to the availability of the application.

If even so the Disney Plus application does not appear on your Smart TV, you will simply have to search for it through the Apps store using the search bar and in principle you will be able to find and download it without any issue. However, if your Television has Android TV you can easily download Disney +, although it is recommended that it be updated to version 5.0 or higher for better performance.

Fix Disney Plus, App, Samsung, LG Smart TVs

If your TV finally doesn’t meet the minimum requirements required to be able to watch Disney + on Smart TV, there are always other alternatives, such as watching the application through mobile phones or tablets, as well as on PC, Chromecast or Xbox video game consoles. One and PS4. You could even connect a laptop to the television via HDMI cable to be able to see it better from the TV.