How to Play Call of Duty Warzone: Beginner’s Guide

Call of Duty Warzone is an independent title and that you can download for free on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

CoD Warzone is compatible with cross-play, so you can play against users from other platforms.

Restrictions for playing Call of Duty Warzone on different platforms such as PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold and Battle Net.

Play CoD Warzone for free on PS4 with Playstation Plus

Unlike many Xbox players, having PS Plus isn’t compulsory to play Warzone. Having it will give you bonuses but nothing essential to play Battle Royale, it is in any case what was announced by Sony. A combat pack should be offered free of charge for PS Plus holders.

Play CoD Warzone with Xbox Live Gold

Xbox players will be able to access Warzone for free like the others, but they will need Xbox Live Gold which allows them to access multiplayer.

Do you have to pay? Yes, you just have to pay for Xbox Live Gold, the Battle Royale remains free.

Play CoD Warzone on PC with Bnet, the Blizzard app

You’ll be able to play Warzone for free on your PC. The only restriction will be to have an account on the app, owned by Blizzard. As a reminder, Blizzard and Activision "are one."

Do you have to pay? No, not on PC, you just need to download the app.

PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Battle Net, Call of Duty, Warzone

How many players can participate in CoD Warzone? Up to 150 players can participate in the games.

How many game modes are there? At the beginning you’ll get three game modes: the individual, play in duos or three players forming a team, but over the months special events will be included and also temporary modalities.

CoD Warzone map

CoD Warzone has a huge map and inside it you’ll have classic locations and new ones, and although there is distance between each of the locations, the pace of the game will be very fast, and that is thanks to the vehicles.

Each of the buildings and structures that you see on the map have been designed from scratch, so it is not any work borrowed from previous installments in the series.

Weapon Types and Casualty Streaks

You’ll get a series of basic weapons that you can collect throughout the game, as well as other custom weapons that can be obtained through aid packs and certain key areas of the mapping.

In regards to the losing streaks, they are distributed through stations throughout the map where you can invest part of the money found in eliminations and loot to obtain them.

Getting Started CoD Warzone

You begin your adventure with a small pistol that you can use to eliminate certain enemies, although at least you must make five shots with this weapon. You must start to find new weapons and upgrade them for opportunities to go far or even win the game.

You Can Upgrade Your Character's Armor

You’ll get up to three levels of armor, and you can use money earned throughout the game to upgrade it at certain key points on the map.