Jump from Choppa Helicopters with No Damage: Fortnite Tips

The latest Fortnite Season 2 update 12.20 has introduced a new vehicle, Choppa, the helicopter. It is a bit difficult to find and if you get one, you will always have the option of flying with it at full speed.

There is a trick that allows you to avoid fall damage if you jump from a Choppa.

Normally, if you jump from choppa, you will lose your life or suffer great damage, depending on the height at which you are jumping. However, there is a trick that allows you not to suffer any damage. We’ll give you the steps bellow:

- Find a Choppa and park it under a zip line
- Get into the helicopter.
- At that very moment, try to select the option to get hooked on the zip line
- Repeat the process until, through the cabin, your character has the purple aura that appears when you ride a zip line
- If you have it, you can jump from the Choppa to the height you want and you won’t suffer any fall damage

As we said, it is not something that is "legal", but it is a bug that currently allows you to do this.

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