Catch and Sell Ants Flies Animal Crossing New Horizons

Ants and Flies are the lowest valuable bugs in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH), as they will give you only 80 Bells for the ant and 60 Bells for the fly.

How to Capture Ants and Flies in Animal Crossing New Horizons

These bugs only appear if you attract them. For that, you have to leave rotten turnips. You can buy them on Sunday mornings and if you sell them throughout the week, they will rot the following Sunday. As they are expensive, we recommend that you leave a bunch of 10 (the minimum unit).

When a week has passed, you’ll see that ants appear around the turnip. The process is similar for flies, you just have to leave rubbish (such as tires or boots you take from the sea and the river), and in a few days flies will appear fluttering.

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