Collect Useful Hidden Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake

There are many useful materia that you can get in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and while many are found easily as you progress through the game, there are others that you can easily miss. That’s why you must complete all the side missions and explore every corner of the game.

Here are all the FF VII Remake materia that you can easily miss: 

Hp Up Materia 

It is a purple color materia that you’ll get in Chapter 2 and is guarded by some soldiers in Midgar. Once the scene where Shinra's security officers are shown unfolds, you'll be able to get this materia that increases the amount of Health of your character.

Cleanse Materia

Thanks to this materia you can get rid of the poison status effects on the characters, saving you the antidotes. It will also allow you to cast a spell to remove all status effects from a character. You can buy this stuff in Chapter 3 in the Item Shop when Cloud and Tifa take care of a rat problem.

Ice Materia

You find it in Chapter 3 in the slums of sector 7. To do this you must locate a cave that is after the door of the residential area.

Chakra Materia

This is close to the scene of the church escape from chapter 8. At that time you will not be able to get it, but you will be able to return to this location as soon as the game world opens for side missions.

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Revival Materia

This materia is hidden in Chapter 4 after your boss battle. To get this, return to the edge of the sector 7 area but before you turn to the right you must locate this matteria on the ground before the walkway.

Luck Up Materia

You only get it if you manage to get great results on the darts leaderboard. As soon as you reach number 1 on the darts classification table you will win this materia as a prize.

Binding Materia

You will find it during the mini game from the robot arm puzzle that is in chapter 9. You’ll find it behind the first container on the right, and you must move it so that another character runs and gets it.

Chocobo and Moogle Summons Materia

In Chapter 6 and Sector 4, near the end of the dungeon you need to turn off two of the three solar lamps and use the optional platform to the right of the charging platform. Now go up the control room and defeat the enemies in less than a minute to get this rare materia.

Fire Materia

You get it during the side quest called nuisance in the factory and you must visit the abandoned factory. You can buy it at the material store in Chapter 3.

MP Up Matteria and Elemental Materia

You must get to Chapter 6 and use the second gondola. Now take the ladder to go down, beat the opponents and use the control panel to go down the passage. At the top you’ll find the MP Up matteria.

Now you must align the walkway with the door so that you can continue advancing, and the elemental matter will be on the next platform at the other end.

Wind Materia

In Chapter 3 in Slums of Sector 7. If you complete the Battle Intel Report # 2 then Chadley will sell it to you.

First Strike Materia

You must complete Battle Intel Report # 3. Then you can already buy it in the residential area in chapter 3, in the slums of sector 7.

ATB Boost Materia

As soon as you've completed Battle Intel Report # 4, you can buy it from Chadley in Chapter 3 in Sector 7's slums.